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If you love to style your home with flowers and dream of growing your own, then this is one for you.


'In Bloom' is a 272-page hardback comprehensive guide to growing, harvesting and styling your own cut flowers. It's where I share the tricks and tips I've picked up over the years of growing my own blooms and styling arrangements for photoshoots and events. Whether you're an absolute beginner or a more experienced gardener, this book will help you grow, harvest and arrange bucket after bucket of beautiful blooms to beautify your home and make your heart sing.  


My aim with 'In Bloom' was to do something slightly different. A seed of an idea that started many years ago whilst working as a magazine editor....why couldn't a gardening book be practical and beautiful? Informative with all the nitty, gritty advice, yet inspiring too? I really wanted to try to get across the joy that growing, picking and styling your own flowers can bring. 


Growing your own cut flowers brings that 'grow-your-own' excitement to a whole new level - being able to step out of the back door and pick a single stem to go beside the bed, pull together a bouquet for a friend to take home, or cut an armload of annuals for a party is a joy. Flowers are an emotional marker through our lives, a symbolic gesture to mark our rights of passage - moments of celebration, sadness, passion and love. It's unbelievably special to honour these with your garden-gathered blooms. It's simple. Flowers bring joy......and who doesn't want more joy in their life? 



'Comprehensive, Inspiring and beautiful' C


'A beautiful modern day guide to flower growing - utterly gorgeous!'




My first book, 'Making a House Your Home', a modern day guide to homemaking is an Amazon best-seller and has been translated into five languages. 

From buying key, last-a-lifetime items, to the finishing touches that make a house a home, in this book, I show you how to create a beautiful, balanced, individual space that you've always dreamed of but never quite attained. 

We invest so much time, money and emotion into our homes. Family rituals and a lifetime's memories are centred around them, from the everyday to the major milestones and rites of passage. Home acts as an anchor, a constant. How you select and choose what goes into your home, and how you decide to piece it all together shapes your everyday experience. Getting it right so that it works for you, supports you, reflects who you are, is absolutely central to your happiness.


The good news is that its totally within your capabilities to improve your home. I passionately believe that everyone has the necessary skills to make their home a happier, more beautiful place to be.  This book will help you breathe life an vitality into your home - to help provide comfort and give you a smile. I'll show you many of the tips and secrets I've learnt over the years, simple, but useful and practical ideas from my home to yours, from someone who's just as busy with life, love, work and family as you are. 

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