My story

Hi there, I'm Clare. 

I'm a professional stylist and photographer with a passion for flowers. I'm also author of two best-selling books ('In Bloom' and 'Making Your House a Home'). My work has appeared in many of the top glossy lifestyle magazines. 


For the past twenty-odd years my job has been to make everything look beautiful in a photograph and to tell the story. I now help creatives do the same for their businesses - to help develop their skills through online courses to create compelling content they are proud of every.single.time. 


I also write books that share my passion for creating a nourishing home and garden. For me, the garden is not only an extension of our living space, but a way or reconnecting our homes (and ourselves) with nature, calming the mind and lifting the spirit in the process. 


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So how did I get to here?

My career took root in lifestyle print media, working on magazines as a stylist, editor and art director in London. Over the past twenty years, 14 of them spent at YOU magazine as Lifestyle Editor, I advised millions of readers each week how to create a beautiful space in which to live and interviewed thought leaders on how they live in their homes.


2011 saw the release of my first book, 'Making Your House a Home' (Kyle Books). My aim with this book was to encourage, equip and empower readers to create the best possible version of home for themselves. 


As a passionate gardener for many years and as my burgeoning devotion to flowers and plants grew, I went back to night school to study horticulture with the RHS to fill in the gaps and add to my skills. I see the garden not only as an extension of our living space, but as a way of connecting our homes (and ourselves) with nature, calming the mind and lifting the spirit in the process.  My second title, ‘In Bloom’ (Kyle Books), was released last Spring, in both the UK and US. In this book I share my joy of growing cut flowers, from sowing seed to harvesting and styling garden blooms. It was a labour of love, but a project I loved as I grew, styled and photographed the flowers myself.