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...this is me

I stopped putting a label on what I do many moons ago. I'm a Ex-Stylist and Editor, turned author and photographer, turned mentor, educator and creativity wrangler. 

But what I really do is tap into intuitive magic.


The common theme in everything I do is that it is focused on enriching our experience of this messy thing called life. 

Joy. Magic. Purpose. Creativity. These are all things I stand for.



Here's the showreel:

  • 25 years+ experience as a magazine editor, stylist and writer

  • Author & photographer of two best selling books; 'In Bloom' and 'Making a House Your Home' 

  • Studied horticulture with the RHS


A few other things you might not know:

  • I'm a Mum of twin boys (I had them when I was 40)

  • I'm big on alternative therapies; I've trained in Reiki, Meditation, Sound Therapy and EFT. 

  • I  play the gong and do sound baths

  • I grow medicinal herbs and I am currently training in herbalism

  • I try to garden biodynamically and in tune with the moon as much as possible

  • I'm a bit of a soil nerd - right now, I'm experimenting with laco ferments and plant tonics for the garden 

  • I studied fine art (painting) at university

  • I'm a coffee and chocolate fiend, but don't drink alcohol



...this is my story:

My first love was interior décor, and that’s where my career first took root. For over 20 years I worked as a stylist, editor, and art director in London, writing and styling articles to inspire and encourage others to create their best possible version of their home. I wrote my first book, 'Making a House Your Home', all about this—it’s a modern-day guide to homemaking.


I've been gardening all of my adult life and as my passion for homegrown cut flowers grew, it became the subject for my second book. I cut new ground working on my second book, 'In Bloom', by shooting all the photographs myself as well as growing, writing and styling - this wasn't an ego trip, it was a necessity of both time and budget restraints in order to produce the book I had envisioned. And it changed my life because the process gave me the aptitude and confidence to cross over all the creative boundaries. 


 This is balanced by a wealth of life experience from writing further books and mentoring other industry creatives, exploring holistic modalities such as EFT, Reiki and sound therapy and being a mother of twin boys - frankly the most important and eye-opening job of all. 

While I have manifested dream jobs and work projects, and brought to life the vision of a dream house in the country, like so many of us, I've walked through both light and dark.


I chose to leave a highly paid 'dream' job in order to be the mother I wanted to be and that single act turned my world inside out. Six years on, I have created a whole new space for myself in the world. 

My friends may well tease me about having 'my feet in the dirt, my head in the cosmos and a heart that's wide open'. But this is my magic zone and where real life takes place for me... 


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