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...this is me

'Ex-Stylist and Editor, turned author and photographer, turned intuitive mentor & coach, educator and creativity wrangler, magic maker and dream weaver''s a bit of a tangled story. 

But what I really do is tap into intuitive magic.


The common theme in everything I do is that it is focused on enriching our experience of this messy thing called life. 

Joy. Magic. Purpose. Creativity. These are all things I stand for.



Here's the showreel:

  • 20 years+ experience as a magazine editor, stylist and writer

  • Author & photographer of two best selling books; 'In Bloom' and 'Making a House Your Home' 

  • Certified intuitive coach

  • Trained in sound healing, Reiki, meditation and EFT

  • Studied horticulture with the RHS



...this is my story:

My first love was interior décor, and that’s where my career first took root. For over 20 years I worked as a stylist, editor, and art director in London, writing and styling articles to inspire and encourage others to create their best possible version of their home. I wrote my first book, 'Making a House Your Home', all about this—it’s a modern-day guide to homemaking.


My time as a magazine interiors editor taught me perspective and practicality, not least the chief skill of having a high level of creativity on tap to make weekly deadlines. The sheer volume of valuable content came from a reserve within myself that I can only call magic. I've always known it and always trusted it.

I cut new ground working on my second book, 'In Bloom', by shooting all the photographs myself as well as growing, writing and styling - this wasn't an ego trip, it was a necessity of both time and budget restraints in order to produce the book I had envisioned. And it changed my life because the process gave me the aptitude and confidence to cross over all the creative boundaries. 


 This is balanced by a wealth of life experience from writing further books and mentoring other industry creatives, exploring holistic modalities such as EFT, NLP and sound therapy and being a mother of twin boys - frankly the most important and eye-opening job of all. 

While I have manifested dream jobs and work projects, and brought to life the vision of a dream house in the country, like so many of us, I've walked through both light and dark.


I chose to leave a highly paid 'dream' job in order to be the mother I wanted to be and that single act turned my world inside out. Five years on, I have created a whole new space for myself in the world. 

My friends may well tease me about having 'my feet in the dirt, my head in the cosmos and a heart that's wide open'. But this is my magic zone and where real life takes place for me... 


How I can help you

I work with the magic that is creativity. I tease out the innate wisdom and artistry that is held within. It's inside each and every one of us - I can help you access yours. 

It's this creative artistry that allows us to manifest the things that lie deep within our heart.

'Creative artistry' is about mastering the gifts we have been given; our personal power, our intuition, our sense of true self - and developing these so we can be truly creative.

I can help harness your creative artistry within and untangle your dreams -  to supercharge your creativity in every sense.


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