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It's AMAZING what can be ACHIEVED in A DAY 


  • I release a handful of days each season as one-to-one styling masterclasses based in my garden studio in South Oxfordshire (an hour from West London). Join me for a day of intensive creative coaching, where we'll drill down on how to compose, style and art direct photographs to create beautiful content. 

  • I'll take you through various aspects of styling; from choosing and making your own backdrops to selecting props and how to use them.  

  • We'll work side-by-side (whilst being socially distanced) to build photographic sets and I'll help you to evaluate why things do and don't work as we style and art direct together. 

  • Depending on what you require, we'll be working with everything from simple flat-lays to more involved tablescapes and room sets.

  • You don't require a big DSLR camera - using a smart phone will still give you great results.... even if you're a novice photographer and don't think that you're very 'creative'. If you'd rather use a big camera, that's fine too. I can touch on the basics of photography if you need me to.




  • Get in touch via email below and I'll start preparing the perfect day for you. 

  • At the end of our day together, you'll leave with a set of beautifully styled images and the confidence and skills to create the same for yourself again and again

  • If you're a florist or flower farmer wanting to learn to showcase your floral work, I've learnt from experience that the best way to get the most from our time together (and your investment) is to bring finished arrangements to photograph. That way we can really focus on stying the shots rather than building floral displays from scratch. 

  • Classes run from 10am until 3.30pm and are tailored to your requirements. 
    A light lunch and refreshments are included. 




{I'll teach you how I take photos like these} 

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