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Clare offers an entirely bespoke approach with a 3 or 6 month programme that is entirely tailored to you. When you're working with Clare - you're getting two coaches in one - and you will be access to both. It's entirely up to you whether you use either or a combination both as and when you need them. 

Whether it's creative mentoring you need or intuitive coaching - or a combination of the two - you'll be able to access both. 



Intuitive coaching:

Investing your time and energy in making positive changes in your life (or business) is one of the kindest things you can do for yourself. I'm here to help unlock what's inside of you; your creativity, your vision, your dreams. I'll help you slow down so that you can 


Clare's approach:  

We start by working on you. Getting you in the right place energetically. Healing old wounds. Recognising old patterns and stories that no longer serve you. Any blocks that are holding you back We begin by getting you in the best possible place energetically, 


Then we get clear on what you want to achieve. Clarity and focus on goals.

I'll show you how manifesting really works and guide you through creating vision boards that really work to harness your dreams.

Action plan to get you ready to transform.  


No subject is off limits, but you might want to use the sessions for: 


*Brand mentoring - helping you to gain clarity and focus and create a vision for the future. 

*Launching a new business or creative project

*Gaining absolute clarity in your goals and taking action to pursue them. 


*Clearing any blocks that have been previously holding you back

An intimate programme designed to create real shifts.


connect with Clare here to apply. 

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{what PEOPLE are SAYING about Clare} 


It's thanks to Clare that I had the courage to leave my job and launch my new business'


Clare has a magic combo of corporate and's changed my life...she's the real deal. 





  • 75 minute initial call via Zoom

  • 2x one hour 1-2-1 sessions with Clare via Zoom

    PLUS:  Free access to 'The Creative Circle' Programme during the three months



connect with Clare here to apply. 



  • 75 minute initial call via Zoom

  • 11x 30 minute 1-2-1 sessions with Clare via Zoom.  

  • Free access to 'The Creative Circle' Programmes during the six months

  • PLUS: 3x hour sessions with our in-house energy healer



connect with Clare here to apply. 


Clare releases a handful of days each quarter as one-to-one styling masterclasses. These days are a complete game-changer for your brand. At the end of the day, you'll have pin-pointed oin her for a day of intensive creative coaching, where she'll drill down on how to compose, style and art direct photographs to create beautiful content. The whole purpose of the day is to give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to create the best photos that you possibly can. 

After the day, you'll go away with a clear vision of your style blueprint, but you'll also be able to action it and go off and take better photos yourself. It's enabling you to do the job of stylist, art director and photographer yourself....we all have to nowadays don't we. Wear many hats. 


We'll do a walk-around of your property, home, studio etc (as well as your surrounding area) to hunt down the best shoot locations, places with the best ligth. Clare will teach you how to look at your home differently through the eye of a lens and if there aren't any places to shoot (which is highly unlikely), we'll go on the hunt for them or create a backdrop that can work anywhere. 

She'll take you through various aspects of styling; from choosing and making your own backdrops to selecting props and how to use them.  

You'll work side-by-side Clare to build photographic sets and I'll help you to evaluate why things do and don't work as we style and art direct together. 

Depending on what you require, we'll be working with everything from simple flat-lays to more involved tablescapes and room sets. I'll see world, find out the best places to 

You don't require a big DSLR camera - using a smart phone will still give you great results.... even if you're a novice photographer and don't think that you're very 'creative'. If you'd rather use a big camera, that's fine too. I can touch on the basics of photography if you need me to.

INCLUDES: To rand clarity session with Clare (VIDEO) (needs a page on here for VIP Masterclass people) Link gets sent to someone when they buy. This all needs to be on a separate page. Give them the basics card on the day for F stops etc...

You'll have access to the video for a fortnight before our day together. 

Most clients go away from the clarity call with a shopping list of props they need for the shoot day. 

Homework: Getting clear on what you need the photos for
Possible shoot locations

Watching where the light is



A VIP in-person day with Clare (need pics of me sketching in the distance outdoors....) £2,222 (includes an hour before and 2x 30 min feedback sessions). The photo day lasts from 10.30am to 3pm. Intensive, packed in day. (do a checklist of things to talk about). Each day is completely tailored to what you need, your abilities and whether you need to focus more on the learning. I have clients who block book with a VIP day each season. These are discounted to £1666 after your first day. 



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